About Us

Since 1969…


RVSA has been providing full-service communication support to businesses, organizations and non-profits. Today, our client roster includes large firms with multi-state interests as well as small retailers whose concerns are more provincial.   Our traditional, digital and public relations teams provide full support to client needs, supported by our award-winning production staff.   Regardless of your budget, we can find a way to help make your name become more memorable and make your business better!

Our History


Roy V. Swinamer graduates from the American Institute of Television in Chicago, Illinois.


In the 1950’s, TV has begun to take root. It is live TV requiring a wide array of skill sets.  Mr. Swinamer was a cinematographer, writer, producer, director, ventriloquist and a terrific magician. Here, he’s giving the weather report. He is eventually hired to assist new TV stations on the East Coast  “sign on” and begin service.

It’s the 1950’s and Mr. Swinamer is directing a program. He would direct the first national broadcast of a baseball game from the home of the Cinncinati Reds – Crosley Field.

In 1957, Mr. Swinamer creates IGY, a wise-cracking rooster, as a sidekick for a children’s show. The character would be seen television markets for the next 20 years.

In 1969, Mr. Swinamer and his partner and wife, Wanda Swinamer open the doors of RVSA Advertising, Inc


In the 1970’s a variety of ad agencies existed in the Binghamton market. Mr. Swinamer was the first to create a full-service agency with its own TV and radio production facilities.


By the 1970’s, RVSA is representing the interests of retail and corporate clients.

In 1979 RVSA moved into larger facilities at 236 Main Street in Binghamton, NY. Two floors now accommodate media, digital, traffic, billing and production departments.

In the 2000’s, RVSA rapidly moves into digital video production. Here, Cinematographer Scott Swinamer on a location shoot.

Today, RVSA continues to produce digital content, radio and TV from RVSA Studios in Binghamton. This, the audio suite at RVSA.

2016 – RVSA expands its Digital Team to better manage advertising, content, analytics and cross-platform performance.